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The Administrative Results Podcast is hosted under the Managerial Outcomes division to better elaborate on topics pertaining to both


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    Defending Burger Town From the Taliban: Veteran With a Sign4 Jun· Administrative Results

    Veteran with A Sign comes onto the ARMO Podcast to discuss being a marine, meeting Mr. Beast, and the horrors of defending Burger Town from the Russians. Thanks Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video, love you guys! CODE: ADMINThanks Optics Planet!CODE: ADMIN 7% OFFMERCH: TREE: - Intro0:38 - Sponsor1:26 - Managerial Outcomes Update1:58 - The MrBeast Video17:50 - Corridor Digital23:49 - What Do You Miss About The Military26:15 - Corporate America vs The Military32:38 - Toby Keith36:00 - Afghanistan40:38 - UFOs43:42 - What are Aliens48:59 - Drunk Super Chad53:30 - Playing a Hardcore Shooter After Real Combat56:40 - Joshing Around with the Boys1:02:55 - The French Reporter1:08:14 - How Did You Get into Content Creation1:13:10 - The Early Days of Content Creation1:17:28 - Starting a Podcast1:21:37 - Making Content for the Toilet1:27:54 - OUTRO

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    Rizz Em with the GunTism27 May· Administrative Results

    We dive deep into ancient civilizations, greasy car salesmen, and sexy guns like the m110. Expect humor, a touch of tism, and some killer insights into life on the Indiana-Ohio borderline. As always, I aim to keep things interesting, and a bit weird—just how I like it.Thanks Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video, love you guys! CODE: ADMINThanks Optics Planet!CODE: ADMIN 7% OFFMERCH: / administrativeresults LINK TREE: - Intro1:31 - Cody Curry3:35 - M110 SASS Rifle12:39 - Ancient Civilizations History18:10 - Easter Island Mysteries21:38 - The Amazon Rainforest Secrets24:10 - Understanding Inflation28:44 - How Did You Get Into YouTube35:50 - Embracing the Guntism39:03 - Women Don’t Have Hobbies41:20 - My Fiancé Is The Best44:54 - Male Vs Female Content Creation48:15 - Moral Decay in Society54:20 - Air Out Your Dirty Laundry58:03 - The Last of the Old Breed1:03:55 - Wildest Car Salesman Story1:14:43 - Do You Need to Know Everything1:17:36 - The Evolution of GunTubing1:23:25 - Why Are Podcasts So Popular1:27:21 - Apology to Cody1:30:27 - Where to Find Cody

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    I Haze a Marine Core Officer20 May· Administrative Results


  • In today's podcast, we're diving deep with a fiery Q&A session where no topic is off-limits. From historical figures on the shooting range to the nuances of gun culture, we're answering your burning questions with unfiltered opinions.Thanks Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video, love you guys! CODE: ADMINThanks Optics Planet!CODE: ADMIN 7% OFFMERCH: TREE: - Intro1:10 - Sam Hyde GunTuber Review13:11 - Q&A Session Begins14:46 - Budget Tactical Gear Tips19:03 - Teachers Carrying Guns Debate23:15 - Personal Records Discussion27:08 - Plans for Hunting Trips29:20 - Favorite Video Game Insights32:05 - Experiences of Fatherhood33:32 - Lessons from Law Enforcement Career37:43 - Drop Culture in Gun Community39:53 - Best Looking Firearms Showcased42:22 - Challenges in Video Production43:42 - Gun Purchase Recommendations45:34 - Favorite Helmet Setups48:47 - Future of InRange Channel50:25 - Beginner Firearms Training Guide56:10 - Top Non-Gun YouTube Channels59:58 - Favorite Rifle1:02:44 - Grantham Steroid Rumors1:05:32 - Group Training Sessions Preview1:07:55 - Valuing Time with Grandfathers1:08:48 - Turning Passion into Profession1:14:38 - Starting Gear Collection Tips1:17:49 - Starting a YouTube Channel Advice1:27:06 - FG42 Feature Tease1:28:55 - Transition to Filmmaking1:30:56 - Video Production Timeline1:31:43 - Outro

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    Guns and Football With a Pro Running Back11 Apr· Administrative Results

    Thanks to Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video! Dive deep into the world of Football, Firearms, and Conspiracy Theories with me and NFL's own Deejay Dallas. From tackling the toughest linebackers to discussing the most gnarly WW2 battles, and even venturing into the realm of the unexplained, we're covering it all.We're not shying away from controversy as we explore the intersections of sports, gun culture, and those theories that keep you up at night. Ever wondered what a pro football player thinks about the Second Amendment or what conspiracy theories keep them questioning everything? Deejay and I are diving headfirst into these topics, challenging perceptions, and maybe, just maybe, uncovering some truths.Thanks Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video, love you guys! CODE: ADMINThanks Optics Planet!CODE: ADMIN 7% OFFMERCH: TREE: #NFL #AthleticTraining #Arizona #ProfessionalAthleteCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro2:29 - Deejay Dallas Cardinals Signing4:15 - NFL's Scariest Linebackers9:09 - Deejay Dallas on Firearms12:40 - Concealed Carry Experiences16:16 - Favorite Historical Topics19:14 - Toughest WWII Theaters21:36 - Hypothetical US Invasion28:44 - NFL Players and Firearms32:08 - AR-15 Debate34:59 - Trip to Poland36:08 - Police and Law Enforcement Views41:13 - NFL Rookie Year Challenges51:15 - Football's Dominance in the South54:15 - Transition to NFL59:17 - Favorite Workout1:01:38 - High School Football Memories1:05:39 - Police Traffic Stop Tactics1:08:11 - Unforgettable Police Calls1:14:24 - Coping with Loss in Sports1:16:28 - Pre-game Movie Rituals1:19:40 - NFL Career Longevity Thoughts1:22:00 - Transition from Police to YouTube1:35:34 - Future Plans and Projects1:41:34 - Short Films Discussion1:41:52 - Outro

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    From Firefighting to Meme Lord3 Apr· Administrative Results

    Today we chat with the co-founder of the iconic Instagram meme account "Worst Responders," boasting over 200K followers, and uncover the raw, hilarious truths behind the memes and the transition from viral service to vital humor. This episode is packed with untold stories, practical wisdom on handling gunshot wounds (sans tampons), and the unglamorous yet fulfilling reality of firefighting.Thanks Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video, love you guys! CODE: ADMINThanks Optics Planet!CODE: ADMIN 7% OFFMERCH: TREE: - Intro1:36 - Using Tampons for Gunshot Wounds5:44 - Launching Worst Responders Instagram11:00 - Scaling Apparel Business Tips18:18 - Transitioning: Military to Fire Academy21:13 - Memorable Fire Academy Stories24:15 - Firefighting Academy Intensity Debate30:50 - Challenges in Firefighting and Police Work33:40 - Choosing a Career in Firefighting40:30 - Lessons from Fire Department Challenges49:11 - Reflecting on Service in Afghanistan55:50 - Balancing Family Life with Service1:06:51 - Analysis of Dune1:13:51 - Realistic Gunfire Costs in Films1:22:12 - Upcoming Projects

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    From Welder to Ammo Mogul29 Mar· Administrative Results

    In this epic journey from Welder to Ammo Mogul, join us as we dive deep with the CEO of Badlands Munitions. Discover the incredible path that led from blue-collar beginnings to the pinnacle of the ammunition industry. We're talking all things innovation, challenges, and what it takes to make it big in the biz. For all things Badlands and more: Americana Pipe Dream for sponsoring this video, love you guys! CODE: ADMINThanks Optics Planet!CODE: ADMIN 7% OFFMERCH: TREE: - Intro1:05 - Early Life6:04 - Founding Badlands Munitions10:00 - Entrepreneurship Insights12:45 - Scale of Badlands Munitions13:31 - Mentorship 19:50 - Value of Having a Mentor20:00 - Mastery in Business and Life24:05 - Solo Work vs Team Delegation26:50 - Rebuilding Society's Importance30:35 - College Education Critique35:17 - Male Perspectives37:27 - Embracing Archery41:25 - Maximizing AR-15 Performance45:48 - LPVO Course Overview47:42 - Advantages of Top Mounted Red Dot51:36 - Daily Carry Firearms58:43 - Personal Firearm Choices1:05:47 - Casual Pizza Talk1:08:44 - Unveiling Bajo's Gift1:13:13 - Dietary Habits1:15:24 - Analyzing Food Ingredients1:20:10 - Sourcing Food Authentically1:22:27 - Organic and Free Range Misconceptions1:25:27 - Benefits of Digital Detox1:27:30 - Outro

  • Diving deep into the grit and strategy of trench warfare and the evolution of tech on the battlefield, today's chat with Vintage Warfare offers an unfiltered look at the fascination and complexities behind military history and firearm innovations. We're exploring the raw, unscripted tales from the trenches to modern drone warfare, all through the lens of two gun enthusiasts.MERCH: TREE: #ArtilleryWarfare #MilitaryTechnology #DroneWarfare #BattlefieldTacticsCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:10 - Who is Austin of Vintage Warfare5:40 - YouTube Legal Insights7:48 - Rise of Soy Gun YouTube10:37 - Bad Actors in Gun Community14:55 - Modern Kit vs Military Surplus Debate16:39 - Instagram vs YouTube for Gun Enthusiasts19:20 - AI Threats in Modern Warfare25:15 - The Horrors of Modern Warfare27:15 - Economic Impacts on Warfare30:50 - Importance of Air Superiority in Combat39:55 - Hell Let Loose Facts43:42 - Post Scriptum Game Insights46:05 - Battlefield Controversy

  • Administrative Results – Podcast (11)
    Tactical Toolbox Wants to Upgrade You5 Mar· Administrative Results

    We're diving deep into the Evolution of Gun Content on YouTube, exploring how it's changed, the challenges we face, and where it's headed. From the early days of testing upgrades on Glocks to navigating the business side of content creation, we've seen it all. Joining me is the incredible @TacticalToolbox sharing insights from his journey in the gun YouTube world. Together, we uncover the nitty-gritty of creating engaging gun content that resonates.Stay tuned for more and catch us on the flip side.#YoutubeMonetization #ConcealedCarry #NicheContent #VideoProduction #FirearmLawsCHAPTERS:0:00 - Origin Story7:28 - YouTube Shorts Channel Strategy12:14 - Entry into YouTube17:29 - Crafting Holsters: A Journey25:59 - First Viral Success on YouTube28:10 - Exploring YouTube's Business Aspects31:02 - Predicting Gun Content's Future on YouTube34:05 - Dealing with Demonetization Challenges38:30 - Crisis Management for Content Creators45:00 - Inspiration Behind YouTube Career49:43 - Life as a Full-Time YouTuber52:50 - Overcoming Content Creation Blocks57:22 - Balancing Trends with Evergreen Content1:01:08 - Contingency Plans for YouTube Bans1:06:00 - The Role of Dopamine in Content Creation1:06:18 - The Effectiveness of YouTube Shorts1:10:18 - Key Takeaways for Viewers1:15:45 - Future Endeavors1:17:10 - Movie Concept Discussion1:21:38 - Analyzing Battlefield 51:26:08 - Tactical Toolbox's Upcoming Projects1:34:30 - Creative Process for Generating Ideas1:37:00 - The Learning Curve in Content Creation1:41:18 - Outro=======================MERCH: TREE:

  • Administrative Results – Podcast (12)
    Tactical Considerations: From Ranger to YouTube Commander21 Feb· Administrative Results

    Ever wondered what transforms a military ranger into a commanding presence on YouTube? This video peels back the curtain, showcasing the unfiltered, controversial journey behind the scenes. From the adrenaline of live edits to the minimalistic approach that captivates, join me as we explore the niche micro-celebrity life of gun channel creators.Check out tactical Considerations here: @TacticalConsiderations #tacticalconsiderations #adminstrativeresultsCHAPTERS:0:00 - Intro1:18 - Tactical Considerations with Mike5:18 - Military Service: Ranger Battalion9:07 - Young Leadership in Military12:21 - CIA Ground Branch Insights17:25 - Prepping for Catastrophic Collapse21:56 - Realistic Environment Training Importance25:24 - Paintball & Airsoft Training29:50 - Advanced Tactics: Javelin School33:50 - Evolution of Military and Law Enforcement39:46 - Workplace Demoralization 43:28 - The Ultimate Job in Firearms Industry47:15 - Enhancing Gun Channel Production Quality49:34 - Future Trends in Firearms YouTube Channels53:00 - YouTube as a Firearms Business Strategy56:13 - Monetizing Gun Reviews1:01:06 - Ethics of Paid Reviews in Gun Industry1:10:36 - Behind the Scenes: Upcoming Videos1:14:50 - Trend of Red Dot Sights on Pistols1:18:10 - Outro=======================MERCH: TREE:

  • Administrative Results – Podcast (13)
    Kyle Rittenhouse Uncensored: The Truth Behind the Headlines15 Feb· Administrative Results

    Overnight Kyle Became the most famous 17 year old in the country. Years later we talk about it.In the Administrative Results, Managerial Outcomes podcast, Kyle takes us beyond the headlines, sharing personal insights on his tumultuous journey and the trials that followed. From being thrust into the national spotlight to facing a fierce legal battle, hear how he navigated these challenges and what lies ahead for him. Get ready for a provocative conversation that cuts through the noise, only here on our channel.CHAPTERS:0:00 - Introduction to Kyle Rittenhouse1:30 - Decision to Leave Home4:14 - Rittenhouse Financial Backing9:09 - Response to Civil Unrest11:28 - Kyle Rittenhouse Current Activities14:07 - Rittenhouse Firearms Collection17:15 - Launching a YouTube Presence18:07 - Navigating Twitter Controversy24:42 - Kyle's Top Movie Picks26:40 - Advice for New Gun Owners27:54 - Importance of Stress Inoculation30:45 - Self-Defense Training Tips33:27 - Kyle's Everyday Carry Choices38:56 - Meeting President Donald Trump41:20 - Kyle Rittenhouse's Future Plans43:20 - Conclusion=======================MERCH: TREE:

Administrative Results  – Podcast (2024)
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