Ellie (Curvy Girls Can, #5) (2024)

Oriana Reads

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June 30, 2020

This story was romantic , sweet and steamy. Ellie fell in love with her high school crush after he returned home. She found her HEA and she fought for it too. A 5mile run and mean girls from the past could not stop her. 👍👍👍
So romantic i really really liked it.

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Char (1RadReader59)

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September 26, 2020

Ellie always had a crush on Brennan the older neighbor boy from across the street since she was eight, and he stood up for her against her bully. Until the day he left to join the military when she was fourteen and he was eighteen only getting glimpses of him when she was home from college and him on leave. Unfortunately, this time his father has passed away. His mom being wheelchair bound and a younger brother to be raised he felt the ten years he gave serving would now be better served with his family.

Ellie being a curvy girl she’s allergic to exercise. So, of course walking home from the local market on a small incline to her childhood home she is sweating bullets. Her clothing sticking to everything meaning curve and bump. When a car pulls up across the street and out steps yup, Brennan. She’s looking so closely she runs into a tree, of course that’s when he notices her. Runs to greet her.

He is excited to see her talking about how long it’s been. She gives her condolences about his father which saddens him but he tells her although he was unable to attend due to being on a special mission he was pleased to hear she went and that means a great deal to him. After his mom call for the groceries and before stepping in he calls out to her letting her know how pleased he is to see her again.

The next day forgetting he is around she goes to get her dad the paper out of the mailbox wearing her robe when she notices in the distance someone jogging and taping something to the mailboxes. She knows it’s him. Before she can make it safely back inside he calls to her. Saying he’ll be sponsoring a 5k fun run for prostate cancer in honor of his dad. He asks her to join. She says she will sponsor him but she’s never done one and she can’t even begin to imagine that it would ever be fun.

He says he will be starting training runs and that all levels of runners will be coming he’s sure. Nope! No, as low as her but Brennan kept back with her until she need to walk to breathe. Telling him other runners needed encouragement he said ok but he would stop at a mile mark to cheer here on again. For Brennan he was figuring out she is as sweet and humble as the girl she always was. But so interesting, intelligent, funny and someone he wants in his life.

See he plans to bring this together or does an old bully of Ellie’s pull the rug out from under them both before it can be explored. Free on kindle unlimited.

    alpha-male chick-lit contemporary


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July 1, 2020

Will he be able to catch her

Ellie is the fifth book in the Curvy Girls Can series by Sadie King. This story is about Ellie and Brennan. After graduating college Ellie has come back home. Brennan has just gotten out of the military and has come home again to look after his mother and younger brother. When his father passed away recently he was on a mission and could not come back at the time. Ellie and Brennan are neighbors once again and much to Ellie's consternation as seeing him brings up the crush she had on him for years.
This is a sweet and easy story with a bit of drama (mean girls from high school strike again) and some nice heat and romance. A very enjoyable book that makes a great addition to the series.

I received a copy of this books for my honest review. My opinions are all my own.

Charity Esparza

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June 30, 2020

Quick, but well worth your time! Brennan is a loving, loyal, family oriented alpha. Ellie has had a crush on him for the longest time, but doesn't think he'd ever notice her. She's sweet, a bit submissive, determined, but also has some self confidence issues. I loved how patient Brennan was with Ellie, while at the same time making it clear that she was the one for him. And Ellie is a bright light for Brennan, having returned home from the military to care for his mother and younger brother. Not quite instalove, but falling in love doesn't take these two long at all! This is definitely a book I will read again!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Kristine L.

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July 2, 2020

Love the story. Ellie has crushed on Brennan forever. He might be older and has been away in the army but he's back. When Brennan sees Ellie again she notices how sweet and how her curves turn him on. Loved the storyline and the characters work well together. He's very protective of Ellie when the mean girls from high school treat her. They made her miserable then but Brennan is going to make sure they don't now. Great addition to the Curvy Girls Can series. I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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July 1, 2020

A fast pace engaging page turner! The story line is well-developed, emotionally deep, well written, and relatable. Likeable and supportive characters; the chemistry between them is off the charts. Definitely recommended.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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July 10, 2020

Love and Beliefs

When Ellie sees Brennan back in town she's happy to see him. When he starts a running club and asks her to join she's dreading it but each time he makes her feel special. When something happens he steps up and shows her how he sees her. He just hopes she believes in herself. His love can only do so much without love showing the way.

Barbara Van Zandt

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September 15, 2020

Coming home

They're both home, from college and the army. He started a charity event for his father who died of cancer.he talks her into running and joining the running club. She has lived him her whole life and he fell when he seen her again.he had to show her it was her he wanted all us wee

Shyla Colt

Author166 books992 followers

December 27, 2020

Nice guys can finish first, and curvy gals can get their happily every after! I loved Ellie. The sweet girl, whose returned home after college and run into the same mean girls from highschool, and her highschool crush. This was a fun story of redemption, self love, and swoon worthy romance. We all need our own Brennan!


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March 17, 2023

Forget the Past

Brennan spies Ellie across the street and can't believe she is the same girl from ten years ago, she grew into a stunning woman. When he organizes a charity run he invites Ellie and she joins despite being out of shape. Brennan shows this curvy girl that high school is over and she is everything she needs to be By being herself in this sweet read.

Sandy Johnson

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June 30, 2020

A short sweet instalove that is very worth the read. I loved the characters and how sweet they are. A truly wonderful read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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June 30, 2020

The story line was good, the character work was terrific and the book had a fairly smooth flow to it. This was another great addition to the series and the book kept me entertained from beginning to end.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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July 1, 2020

Looking for a fast, hot story? This book has all that and more!

An intense emotional and SEXY storyline that grabs you right from the start keeping you engrossed and turning page after page throughout the whole book.

This review has been voluntarily submitted for your consideration.

Kimberly Beyer

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February 15, 2022

This one made me cry!

First of all… art therapy, awesome! Where can I find a guy like Brennan? I cries because I’ve been in Ellie’s place. People can be cruel, luckily this story had wonderful people too!

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June 30, 2020

I am loving this series and we get Ellie's story. She is a bit submissive, innocent, and sweet; which is perfect for the alpha and protectiveness in Brennan. This is insta-love at its finest.


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July 10, 2020

Another read

Enjoyed reading this book and reading about the characters and their story. Looking forward to reading more from this author.


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December 23, 2020

3.5 stars


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August 4, 2022

⭐⭐.5/5 🌟

    bookshelf curvylady read2022


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July 18, 2023

The story is short, romantic, dramatic and steamy. It is a curvy girl, small town romance novel. The book is really short and sweet. The FMC is curvy and insecure about the way she looks. On the other hand, thd MMC is supportive yet encouraging. It is a highly recommended book for readers who like this genre.

Personal Take:
This was an enjoyable quick read. I loved the chemistry between the protagonists and I absolutely adored the dreamy epilogue.

KL Cassanello

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July 1, 2020

Ellie's had a crush on Brennan forever, but he's a few years older and has been away in the Army. He's back now - his dad died recently, and he's home to help with his mom and younger brother. She's very sweet, and a bit innocent. But when he sees how nicely she's grown up - wow! I love how supportive he is when the mean girls from high school decide to make her miserable again. The story is short and sweet, and a very happy ending.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Ellie (Curvy Girls Can, #5) (2024)
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