IoT sim card - Affordable global connectivity (2024)

The sim card for a reliable connection over multiple carriers

A IoT sim card (also known as M2M sim) is a sim card that is commonly used in devices, IoT in the name stands for Internet of Things. Most of the devices using an IoT sim card communicate to the cloud, such as GPS trackers. As mobile data continous to become more afforable the costs to entry decreases and allows you to connect devices and appliances to the the internet at an increasingly lower price.

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IoT sim card for the world

World SIM

Where most providers offer region restricted subscriptions we offer global coverage for most of the world with over 500 networks supported, the US, Canada and extended Europe are included in our default Coverage plans.

Transparant fee

The price for an IoT sim card is often clear and transparant, with Open M2M yo ucan get started for under a €1 without any contract or commitment. You can pay with credit or prepaid
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Suitable for small data usage

Our sim cards are most commonly used for data consumption under the 100 Megabytes.

A tough sim card

Hardware specificaties:
Form Factors 2FF/3FF/4FF & Embedded
Processor SC000 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 32bit
User Memory 480Kb 512Kb
Life expectancy 25 years at 25°C 30 years at 25°C,
10 years at 105°C
Voltages 1.8v, 3v and 5v
Erase/Write cycles 100,000 500,000
Erase/Write cycles per 64Kb 10 Million 50 Million
Power saving standby yes yes
Page erase time 4ms
OTP user Bytes 256 Bytes 128 Bytes
Asyncrhonous ISO 7816-3
CPU Clockspeed Up to 28Mhz up to 15Mhz
Usage in accordance with GSM & ETSI
Industrial sim card advatanges
Environmental parameter monitoring
Protection against faults
ISO 3309 CRC calculation block
True random number generator
Unique serial ID on each die

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IoT sim card - Affordable global connectivity (5)
IoT sim card - Affordable global connectivity (6)

SIM card form factors

By default we supply a 3-in-1 sim card that the supports most common for factors. Additionally we can supply Industrial grade or embedded sim cards for use in production proceses.

  • 2FF - Mini (25mm x 15mm)
  • 3FF - Micro (15mm x 12mm)
  • 4FF - Nano (12.3mm x 8.8mm)
  • MFF2 - embedded SIM form factor

Continuity as policy

Always SIMs in stock

As your business is dependent on our connectivity we understand the need to keep our SIM cards in supply, our policy ensures we always have stock of sim cards. Additionally you can acquire extra sim cards from us and keep them in stock yourself at no charge.

Be carrier indepdent using eSIM / eUICC

We can understand the need for some companies to desire indepence from their current carrier and to guarantee easy transition in the future, we can offer the option to swap carrier using eUICC technology when using special eUICC enabled sim cards.

Frequently asked questions

How does an IoT sim card differ from a regular one ?

The physical iot sim card is based on the same technology as the one in your cellphone however they are often made to be more robust so to handle tougher environments in terms of temperature and humidity. Besides that there are separate Industrial grade and embedded iot sim cards offered that are not available for regular sim cards subscriptions.

IoT? M2M ? what exactly is an IoT sim card ?

We certainly understand that it might not be completely clear yet. Simply puy the IoT sim card is the same as most sim cards however is intended to be used with dedicated devices using little data. These devices can be Mobile sensors, GPS trrackers or other data gateways. Though they will work in mobile phones, this is certainly not their intended use case.

What does an IoT sim card cost ?

The costs to get started with IoT sim are very low, for several euros a month you could operate a small network of sensors. for more information on pricing please check our pricing page

How quick will my sim card arrive

We send our sim card orders daily from the Netherlands, they arrive within 4 days within most European destinations and 4 to 8 working days for the rest of world.

For who is this sim card ?

This sim card can be used by business and consumers alike.

Aan de slag met een M2M IoT simkaart?


Open M2M is the platform for all mobile IoT technology to facilitate 'machine 2 machine' communication with quality and ease of use as its core values.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for our platform.

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IoT sim card - Affordable global connectivity (2024)
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