Motorola Ready For: How to Connect Your Phone to a Display or PC (2024)

Are you “ready for” something exciting? Thanks to Motorola's Ready For functionality, you can use your phone on most external displays and operate it using a Windows-like desktop experience. You can also connect directly to your PC. While you can use compatible Bluetooth devices, like a mouse, keyboard, and headphones, you only really need a screen.

Ready For is most well-known for its desktop application, which lets you access your phone apps and PC files on the same screen. But it's capable of much more. You can also directly stream media, play games, and make video calls on external displays. Keep reading for a complete guide on what Ready For is and how to use it.

What Devices Is Ready For Compatible With?

Ready For is only available for a selection of Motorola devices, though this continues to grow as the company release more phones. Depending on your device, the supported connections for Ready For varies. For example, the Moto Edge 20 Pro can connect using the cable or wirelessly, while some other devices can only use the cable.

At the time of writing, here's a list of Motorola phones that support Ready For:

  • Moto Edge (2021)
  • Moto Edge+ (2020)
  • Moto Edge 20 Pro
  • Moto Edge 20 lite
  • Moto Edge 20
  • Moto Edge+ (2022)
  • Moto Edge 30 Pro
  • Moto Edge 30
  • Moto g200 5G
  • Moto g100

Some of these phones don't come with the Ready For cable, which is a USB-C to USB-C data/charging cable. So, you might have to head to Motorola's accessory page to grab the cable or dock (an adjustable stand that offers instant Ready For connection).

What Can You Do With Ready For?

Motorola's Ready For does more than just cast Android onto a screen. Instead, Ready For offers a more traditional computer experience, complete with a desktop and icons, taskbar, and windows. However, you are still running Google Play apps instead of standalone programs.

To control, use your phone as a touchpad or as a motion-sensing remote. Alternatively, for more refined movement, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. If you plan to game, you can also connect a Bluetooth controller. While the trackpad works great for games that require a few taps here and there, more advanced gaming demands a controller.

From the taskbar, you'll find a number of helpful features and shortcuts such as a search function, screenshot capture, your open apps, Wi-Fi status, recent apps, and more. You can open multiple apps simultaneously and run them in separate windows, which is great for multitasking.

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In similar fashion to casting to your TV with Miracast, you can stream media via Ready For. This includes apps like Google Photos, Netflix, and YouTube. There's a noticeable increase in quality compared to simply casting your screen.

You can customize the wallpaper, tweak notifications, and even make phone and video calls on whatever display you're using. If needed, you can also mirror your device's exact display in a window, which works exceptionally well.

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Samsung has a similar feature to Ready For, known as Samsung DeX, but there are more unique features you can expect from Ready For. One example is its approach to video calls. You can cast the recipient's video to fill your screen, then mount your phone on a stand—Motorola's clever software automatically tracks face movement, which allows the camera to follow you.

If you're running the Ready For program on PC (which we'll explain further below), the instant sharing feature is also pretty useful. It copies content from your clipboard, screenshots, and other captures directly to your computer. You can also move files between your computer and phone. Plus, if you're on the go with no access to Wi-Fi, you can tether and share mobile data to your computer.

How to Connect to a Monitor or TV With Ready For

To connect your device to your display, you'll need the Ready For cable or one that meets the same specifications. Your display must support USB-C input. Alternatively, you can connect wirelessly. We'll explain both methods below.

How to Connect With a Cable

  1. Plug the cable into your display and set the source to the corresponding HDMI.
  2. On your Motorola device, go to Settings > Connected Devices > Ready For.
  3. Plug the USB-C end into your Motorola device.
  4. Select Mobile desktop, TV, Video chat, Game, or Mirror display. This adapts the Ready For display based on your usage.
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How to Connect Wirelessly

  1. Ensure you're connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your intended device.
  2. Make sure your streaming device or smart TV is on.
  3. On your Motorola device, navigate to Settings > Connected Devices > Ready For > Connect to TV/Display.
  4. Tap on your chosen display device.
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How to Connect Ready For to a PC

Ready For is at its best when used with a PC. There's a noticeable improvement in performance, and it's much more versatile because you can run it in portrait or landscape mode and have access to more resolution options. You can also benefit from the file sharing function.

Before getting started, you'll have to download the Ready For Assistant on your PC. After installing the Ready For Assistant, you can connect the cable to your computer, or follow these steps to connect your device wirelessly:

  1. Turn on your Motorola device's Bluetooth.
  2. Ensure you're on the same network as your PC.
  3. Open your phone's camera or QR scanner.
  4. Open the Ready For Assistant program on your PC.
  5. Scan the QR code on your computer.
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Your PC should automatically open the Ready For mobile desktop window, with a few configuration options on your phone. Now, you're all set! You can use your computer's mouse and keyboard, so no need for Bluetooth accessories in this case.

Motorola Continues to Innovate

Motorola is always finding ways to make the most of the modern smartphone. With the growing popularity of working from home or while traveling, Ready For is a convenient way to take a desktop-like experience in your pocket anywhere you go. All you need is a screen, the optional Ready For cable, and a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for ease of use.

But, there are many ways to get the most out of your Motorola. Gametime is another example, and it can significantly enhance your mobile gaming experience.

Motorola Ready For: How to Connect Your Phone to a Display or PC (2024)


Motorola Ready For: How to Connect Your Phone to a Display or PC? ›

To connect phone: Use USB-C cable or USB-C-to-HDMI cable to connect phone with external display.

How to connect Motorola phone to PC? ›

  1. Pair phone with PC.
  2. On your phone, open the Ready For dashboard.
  3. On your PC, open Ready For Assistant.
  4. Drag files to the image of the paired device in the Ready For Assistant dashboard. ...
  5. To view the received files, touch Open file folder in the notification, or use the Files app.

How do I connect my Motorola phone to my monitor? ›

To connect phone: Use USB-C cable or USB-C-to-HDMI cable to connect phone with external display.

How do I enable my phone to connect to my computer? ›

On your PC:
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Bluetooth & devices.
  3. Scroll down to Mobile devices.
  4. Click on Manage devices.
  5. If your Android device isn't linked yet, click on Add device to initiate the linking process.
  6. Your linked Android device will appear under My devices.
  7. Toggle on Use as connected camera to enable this feature.

How do I connect my phone screen to my PC? ›

On the PC you're projecting to, launch the Connect app by entering “Connect app” in the search box on the taskbar, and selecting Connect in the list of results. On the device you're projecting from, go to the screen mirroring settings (sometimes called cast settings), and select your PC to connect to it.

Which phones have Motorola ready for? ›

Moto Connect | Ready For Compatibility Chart
Moto Connect (Wired)Ready For PC
motorola g200 5G
motorola edge (2022)x
motorola edge+ (2022)
motorola edge 30x
25 more rows

What platform does Motorola use? ›

Motorola Mobility LLC, marketed as Motorola, is an American consumer electronics manufacturer primarily producing smartphones and other mobile devices running Android.

How do I connect my Motorola ready to my TV? ›

To connect phone:
  1. Open Ready For quick setting.
  2. On the Display tab, touch the wireless display you want to connect with.
  3. On the phone, choose an experience: Mobile desktop - Use your phone and mobile apps on an external display with multiple windows for a more productive workspace. ...
  4. Select the app you want to use.

Do Motorola phones have desktop mode? ›

Expand your workspace by interacting with your mobile phone in a desktop format.

What is Android desktop mode? ›

Use desktop mode to test new windowing features and capabilities added to the platform in Android 10. It's a developer option targeted for app developers and enables developers to test apps in multi-display and freeform windowing mode environments.

What operating system does Motorola currently use on their smartphones? ›

Android 11 OS - Motorola.

How to use Ready for PC? ›

  1. Download the Ready For Assistant app to your PC.
  2. Install the Ready For Assistant app on your PC.
  3. Connect phone to PC. Connect phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network, or connect with a USB cable. On your phone, go to Settings > Connected devices > Ready For, or touch the Ready For quick setting.

How can I connect my Motorola phone to my PC? ›

Connect your moto g power (2021) to a computer using the supplied USB cable. (at the top) then drag to the bottom. The image below is an example. From the list of notifications, locate then tap the USB option (e.g., USB charging, USB for image transfer, etc.).

What is screen mirroring on Motorola? ›

Smart View is a wireless screen mirroring feature that allows you to perform screen mirroring Motorola phone's screen with a compatible TV or other display device. These phones come with a built-in screen mirroring feature called Smart View.

How do I transfer pictures from my Motorola phone to my computer? ›

Step 1: Connect your Motorola phone to your pc using a USB cord. You may be prompted to pick a connection type; select Transfer files or Transfer photos. Step 2: Open the File Explorer on your Windows 10 PC, locate your Motorola on the left sidebar, and press to open it.

How do I connect my phone to my computer directly? ›

Simply connect your phone to your computer with a universal serial bus (USB) cable and select the "File Transfer" or "media transfer protocol (MTP)" mode. This will allow your computer to access your phone's storage where you can play your music files directly.

How to connect Moto G play to PC via USB? ›

Transfer Media to or from a PC
  1. With the device powered on, insert the USB-C end of the USB-C cable into the port on the bottom of the device. ...
  2. To place the device into the correct USB mode, swipe down from the Notification bar then select the Android System drop down menu > Charging notification > File Transfer or PTP.

How can my PC recognize my phone? ›

Here's what you can do:
  1. Restart the PC. You should try restarting your computer to see if it resolves the issue. ...
  2. Try New Cables. USB cables often get broken. ...
  3. Use a Different Port. ...
  4. Check USB Connection Preferences. ...
  5. Enable USB Debugging. ...
  6. Scan for Hardware Changes. ...
  7. Update Android Device Driver. ...
  8. Reinstall Driver.
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