6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (2024)

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Cybersecurity awareness training programs are comprehensive, long-term products that show your workforce how to spot security threats and potential attacks. Cybersecurity training products typically offer informational videos, quizzes, and phishing testing tools like suspicious emails. To help you select the right one for your business, we’ve reviewed the best cybersecurity awareness training programs and their key features, pros, and cons.

Here are the top six cybersecurity training programs:

  • KnowBe4: Best overall security training product
  • Proofpoint: Best for small and midsize businesses
  • NINJIO: Best option for employee engagement
  • Cofense: Best for geographically distributed teams
  • SANS Institute: Best for skilled teams and IT pros
  • Infosec IQ: Best vendor for customer service

Top Cybersecurity Training Products Compared

The following chart provides a brief overview of our six products’ feature availability. While some vendors don’t offer full free trials for their products, they may offer a few free phishing episodes or another type of demo, so consider those if you’re reviewing the product too.

Phishing TemplatesTraining VideosOver 20 Languages SupportedFree Trial
SANS Institute🟥
Infosec IQ

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Best Overall Security Training Product

KnowBe4 is one of the most popular training products in the field, offering baseline testing to find out how phish-prone an organization is and a huge library of engaging network security awareness training content. Other features include automated training campaigns, simulated phishing attacks, and a tool for monitoring improvements in user behavior. KnowBe4 is particularly good for midsize to large businesses that want reasonably priced, engaging training. Its laser focus on training and its transparent pricing contribute to its spot on our list.

KnowBe4 has straightforward, transparent pricingSmaller businesses may find lower payment tiers restrictive because of feature limitations
The program supports many languagesSome users had trouble separating new from outdated content in the training library


KnowBe4 offers four pricing tiers priced per seat per year, with scaling rates based on the total number of seats in a class. Each tier offers more training features to go with the increased price. There are also three add-ons that users with teams of over 100 can purchase as part of their subscription — the prices on these also scale with the total number of seats in a class.

Key Features

  • Interactive browser-based training: Employee training is web hosted.
  • Skills-based and culture surveys: These focus on improving overall team security culture.
  • Phishing templates and landing pages: KnowBe4 makes these customizable.
  • AI-driven training recommendations: Individual users know what specifically they need to work on.
  • USB-drive behavior testing: These tests analyze employees’ behavior toward unfamiliar storage devices.
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6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (3)


Best for Small and Midsize Businesses

Proofpoint is a cybersecurity awareness training program that offers small, digestible segments designed to create long-term change in user habits. It integrates with other Proofpoint products, so if your smaller organization is already a customer, consider their security training too. While Proofpoint may not be the best choice for fleshed-out security training programs or large enterprises, it’s a great solution for SMBs, especially ones that haven’t yet implemented a consistent training strategy.

Integrations with other Proofpoint products make this a good choice for existing customersMultiple customers found the user interface hard to navigate
Security Awareness training is a good starting point for small teamsFocus on smaller businesses may not offer the level of customization enterprises need


Pricing for Proofpoint’s training is included as part of its Proofpoint Essentials service. Subscribers to that service can access its security awareness training. Proofpoint also offers a free trial for the training service. The company doesn’t list pricing info on its website, so interested buyers will need to contact the sales team directly.

Key Features

  • Consistent training around the globe: This includes multi-language support.
  • Employee progress tracking: Dynamic reporting helps admins clearly view users’ progress.
  • Integration with target attack protection (TAP): TAP helps prevent ransomware by detecting and blocking advanced threats.
  • Detection for very attacked people (VAPs): This feature provides more detail on the types of threats your organization is engaging, including the business’s top link clickers.
  • ThreatSim phishing simulations: These help your team understand its susceptibility to a variety of phishing attacks.
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6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (5)


Best for Employee Engagement

NINJIO is a training solution that uses short animated videos designed to keep trainees’ attention. Each video is 3–4 minutes long, and NINJIO releases new ones each month. Based on real companies that have had a security breach, the training offers scenarios employees might encounter and how to address them. And there’s even a gamified leaderboard to encourage engagement and keep employees involved. User reviews for NINJIO have been positive overall, which is one of the reasons we ranked it best for employee engagement.

Reporting and analytics are available for phishing successA few users found the admin dashboard to be clunky
NINJIO received high user reviews for overall employee engagementNINJIO lacks transparent enterprise pricing


NINJIO doesn’t offer pricing information publicly. If you’re interested in buying, contact Ninjio for pricing info or look at the monthly subscription plan for SMBs. Pricing is per user, per month, with an annual commitment.

Key Features

  • Hollywood-style storytelling: The brief videos and voice acting are designed for better connection and engagement.
  • Real-life examples: NINJIO uses phishing examples that have actually happened.
  • New training episodes: NINJIO releases new content each month.
  • Private hosting portal available: This includes your business’s own branding and domain name.
  • Interactive quizzes: Quizzes are available in multiple languages.
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6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (7)


Best for Geographically Distributed Teams

Cofense PhishMe is a training product that takes a broader view than staff education. In addition to training, it catches the phishing emails that bypass email gateways and detects and quarantines attacks. Cofense offers PhishMe Playbooks, 12-month programs with phishing simulation scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational content. PhishMe provides regional phishing attempts customized to fit typical cyberattacks in different regions of the world, a good solution for international teams. It’s geared toward mid-market and enterprise teams.

Cofense offers multiple difficulty levels for phishing simulationsPhishMe and learning management products don’t have an official bundle
32 languages are available for localized training contentLMS product doesn’t have a free trial


Interested customers will need to contact Cofense directly for pricing details since Cofense doesn’t publicly provide subscription information. It does, however, offer a 14-day free trial.

Key Features

  • Cofense Reporter: Get detailed reporting on phishing patterns and results.
  • Cofense PhishMe Catalog: Thousands of educational assets, including videos and infographics, are available.
  • Dynamic grouping: Admins can create groups of employees (for example, new hires or the IT department) and assign them training.
  • Cofense Smart Suggest: Recommended scenarios are based on your business’s program history and current industry relevance.
  • Secure email gateway miss templates: These simulations train users to identify threats known to bypass secure email gateways.
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6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (9)

SANS Institute

Best for Advanced Teams and IT and Security Professionals

SANS Technology Institute is an employee training product for businesses, but the institute also offers full undergraduate and graduate programs in cybersecurity. The computer-based training includes different training styles to match your corporate needs and employees’ learning styles. It includes challenging games that keep users involved and helps them retain the information better. Because SANS also offers courses for security professionals, we ranked it best for advanced teams and those that might want to grow further in their cybersecurity knowledge.

Product offers phishing templates in multiple languages and five difficulty tiers for templatesSome users complain about high costs
SANS Institute training has an integration with Active DirectoryPotential customers might find the multiple products and trainings difficult to understand while shopping for a product


SANS Technology Institute doesn’t make pricing information publicly available. Contact the Institute to learn more about its multiple training products, including the Phishing platform, EndUser training, PCI-DSS compliance training, and Cyber Risk Insight Suite for company assessments.

Key Features

  • Custom awareness programs: These are good for teams in specific industries that need specific cybersecurity training.
  • Knowledge assessment: Avoid wasting time on skills your team has already mastered.
  • Automated test delivery: Tests are scheduled over a 12-month period.
  • Automated remedial training: Training is assigned to a user when they need additional work on a simulation.
  • More than 50 training modules: Six different tracks are available.
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6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (11)

Infosec IQ

Best for Customer Service

Infosec IQ is a solution that offers pre-built cybersecurity training programs and also allows companies to build their own from existing modules. Infosec has a large content library complete with both industry and role-specific training modules so you can focus your employees’ time and attention on topics most relevant to them. Users have been particularly outspoken about the vendor’s customer service, which is why we ranked this training program best for sales and technical support.

Customers have high praise for Infosec’s customer service and supportSome users said the site navigation and UI could improve
Phishing simulation templates are a particular highlight amongst usersReporting features have mixed reviews


Infosec IQ’s security awareness training has three tiers: Standard, Enterprise, and InfoSec IQ + Skills (for security, IT, and dev teams). Prices on these three tiers are not publicly available, so interested organizations will need to fill out a form on Infosec IQ’s website to receive pricing details.

Key Features

  • Phishing templates: New ones are added weekly based on new threat data.
  • Phishing simulator: Infosec provides instant feedback when a user takes unsafe actions.
  • Brief training videos: Videos are designed for improved employee learning retention.
  • Single sign-on integrations: Supported products include Active Directory and Okta.
  • Customizable reporting: Dashboards can be filtered by department and learning group.
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Key Features of Cybersecurity Training Products

The vendors in the cybersecurity field offer a variety of products — some are solely focused on user education, while others are developers of security tools that have expanded into the training arena. Even if your team isn’t sure what kind of product you need, look for core features like phishing simulations, customizability, reports and dashboards, and support for multiple languages in every product you consider.

Range of Phishing Simulations

A cybersecurity training suite should have multiple phishing simulations so employees can easily recognize typical attacks. Phishing is one of the biggest dangers that good cybersecurity training can delay or stop entirely, and if a service doesn’t prioritize phishing as a central concern, it might not be worth purchasing. It’s also wise to train employees on smishing and vishing techniques so they recognize potential attacks in text or video; email isn’t the only attack surface.


Your IT and security admins should be able to customize components of the training, like phishing simulations, to best fit your business. For example, if you’re a healthcare provider, the attacks you commonly see might look different than a bank’s phishing attempts. You should be able to customize based on the attacks your team is most likely to see.


If you don’t have clear reporting tools, both your IT team and your executives will have trouble knowing your team’s progress. Make sure the products you’re considering offer ways to logically show your employees’ improvement, as well as the areas where they need to learn and grow.

Support for Multiple Languages

If you have a multilingual or global team, you’ll need team members to truly understand cybersecurity best practices, and the best way to do that is to train them in their native language. If you have a team based in multiple countries, look for products that support every major language represented in your organization.

How to Choose a Cybersecurity Training Product

If your business is considering purchasing a security awareness training product, look at each solution’s main features, ease of management, pricing, support, and other products, plus the amount of training content your team needs.

Review Their Core Features

Before shopping for a product, create a shortlist of 3–5 key features your team needs for your training course. The other features should be nice to have, but every product you seriously consider should have those few core capabilities. Those might include short animated videos, a specific type of report, or quizzes after each training module. While your list shouldn’t be unattainable, make sure you’re keeping your team’s main needs front of mind.

Consider Ease of Management

How is user management handled? Is it a manual process? Assess the ease of administration of whatever vendor you choose. If there are multiple systems or consoles, be sure to ask the degree of integration between those systems. It’s always best to ask as many questions as possible before committing to a product.

Consider Cost

Find out how many capabilities come with the subscription level, including what functionality is included versus required managed services and extra fees. Balancing budget with quality is always a fine line, but make sure you’re investing in a product that will last your business years, not a low-quality one that fits your budget but not a growing team.

Determine Customer Support Needs

Some teams may not need detailed reporting or 24/7 customer support, but make sure you communicate with the vendor and know your business’s expectations before making a decision. Additionally, look at existing customers’ reviews — while these don’t give the entire picture, they help your team spot potential weaknesses and gauge whether you’re willing to live with them.

Keep Integrations in Mind

While your business may only be looking for a training product, it could be beneficial if the training solution integrates with your existing security solutions. Some vendors, like Proofpoint, offer multiple security products. Others, like KnowBe4, offer only awareness training. Decide whether you want your cybersecurity training to integrate with other security products in your infrastructure before making a purchase.

Know Your Content Expectations

Look at the volume and quality of training content provided for each product. How important is it to your organization to have an ongoing campaign with fresh content? A small training library means stale and infrequent training. And content needs to be engaging, so try it yourself to get a feel for the vendor’s approach. Consider asking multiple employees what they consider engaging in training courses. You’ll get a more comprehensive picture if you poll more team members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do We Need to Train Our Employees?

Employees, including individual contributors, are one of the weakest links in enterprise cybersecurity. They’re susceptible to malicious links in emails, spoofed phone calls, and unsecured websites. Some of those scenarios happen because employees have never been taught to spot fakes and because recent cyberattack tactics can be highly sophisticated. A simple employee mistake could cost your business thousands or millions of dollars. When done consistently and engagingly, cybersecurity training reduces these risks.

What Should Cybersecurity Training Include?

A thorough training program should include comprehensive coverage of common phishing trends, including email, text, and phone phishing. But make sure you also cover strong password policies and password protection, for example. What are a few basic security health items that your team can cover? It’s also important to have individual discussions with both new and tenured employees about those items.

How Can You Promote Cybersecurity Awareness in the Workplace?

Developing a security culture in your organization won’t just happen by assigning training videos to your employees. Your leaders have to promote open communication too. Talk with your team regularly, making sure frank conversations about security are commonplace. The more your employees expect these discussions, the less likely they’ll be to blatantly break your business’s security restrictions.

Bottom Line: Choosing the Best Employee Cybersecurity Training Service

Over the past decade, training products have increased in both number and sophistication, helping businesses keep a single phishing email or malicious link from turning into a crippling cyberattack. As you’re looking for a solution, create a short list of a few products that seem like a potential fit. Then take advantage of demos and free trials so you have a better idea of what employees’ experience will be.

When you have the right training solutions for your organization, it’s also important to start training employees immediately. On the first day a new employee starts with your business, they’re susceptible to phishing attacks and attempted credential theft. By implementing cybersecurity training for your employees early and often, you’re better able to protect your organization.

While training and technology are great tools, they’re not enough to protect your team on their own. Read more about the importance of a business cybersecurity culture next.

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6 Best Cybersecurity Training for Employees in 2024 (2024)
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