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Protect your home and family from leaks wherever they might occur.

Never worry again about returning home to frozen pipes, comically high water bills or a pond where your kitchen used to be.

Our low-profile leak detectors integrate with our smart water monitoring system to safeguard your home — and your wallet — from the hazards of water leaks and pipe bursts in your home.



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Never worry again about returning home to frozen pipes, comically high water bills or a pond where your kitchen used to be. Our low-profile leak detectors integrate with our smart water monitoring system to safeguard your home — and your wallet — from the hazards of water leaks and pipe bursts in your home.

Key Features:

  • Advanced leak detection and temperature monitoring for superior home protection
  • Benefit from a long-lasting 5-year battery life with 2 (AA) batteries, ensuring uninterrupted defense
  • Receive leak notifications and system information via texts, emails, or push notifications
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 1-year warranty

DROP Leak Detectors provide critical data to the DROP water management system to help protect your home from water damage. DROP Leak Detectors sense water in the area and continuously monitor the temperature. This is especially useful in climates where freezing can occur. The leak detectors can be independently configured to automatically shut off the home water supply when the temperature falls below a user designated level or just provide notification of the condition. All DROP products are proudly made in the USA.

Note: All DROP products require the DROP Hub to function.

The DROP Ecosystem

DROP is an exceptionally innovative and revolutionary whole-home water management system that stands out not only for its technological prowess but also for its unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. With an unwavering commitment to optimizing water usage, DROP has emerged as an industry leader in providing comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing water consumption in households.

The DROP ecosystem is flexible and expandable, you can easily add new DROP products to your system as needs change. All control is at your fingertips through the intuitive DROP App, available for both Android and Apple devices.

The DROP ecosystem and products do not require any sort of subscription and can function without an internet connection.

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Automatic Leak Protection

The DROP Leak Detectors provide the ability to shut off water to the home automatically if a leak is detected, or if temperature drops below a certain point to avoid freezing pipes. This can save you thousands on undiscovered water leaks and resulting water damage.

This next-level home protection feature will immediately send you a notification of the event, and can even be fine-tuned via the settings.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (6)
DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (7)

The DROP App

  • The DROP app offers real-time alerts and notifications that keep you constantly updated about your water usage and system status.
  • Not tech-savvy? No problem! Everything you need, from controls to troubleshooting, is found within the app. Its intuitive design makes it accessible, easy to navigate and understand.
  • The app enables easy transition between different DROP systems, making it perfect for those managing multiple locations.

How It Works

  • Easy Installation: Simply set the leak detector down in the place you want to monitor for water. You can also attach the optional cable which can be placed in areas that are hard to reach, such as behind toilets and washing machines, under sinks and dishwashers, and around water heaters.
  • Simple Configuration: The leak detectors can be independently configured to automatically shut off the home water supply when the temperature falls below a user designated level or just provide notification of the condition.
  • Smart Notifications: In the case of a detected leak or abnormal temperature, the system sends real-time alerts, assuring you of protection against potential water damage and related insurance claims.
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Small but mighty.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (9)


A leak can be devastating to both the value of your home and the health of your family. Leak Detectors ensure small problems are taken care of before they can become capital-P Problems.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (10)


Place leak detectors around your home in places where leaks are most likely to occur–behind toilets, beneath sinks, and more. If there’s ever a problem, the system can handle it automatically and alert you instantly.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (11)


Never worry about leaks again. DROP Leak Detectors are your first line of defense against water damage and work seamlessly with the DROP Hub to keep you in the loop from anywhere in the world through the DROP app.

The Benefits of DROP

The DROP App contains a robust amount of notifications to keep you informed. Everything from Leak Detection to Low Salt notifications, DROP has your back for all system events and items. They can be configured to push notifications, text messages, and emails.

Below is a list of all of the unique notifications available to you.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (12)

Automatically Respond to Detected Leaks

Worried about water leaks and damage to your home? With DROP Leak Detectors, you will never have to worry about that again! These sensitive devices can detect small traces of water where there should be none. You can configure these leak detectors to notify you of the issue as well as automatically shut off your water through your softener, filter or home protection valve to prevent further leaks and damage.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (13)

Long Flow Notification

Has someone left a sink running? This notification will inform you if water is running longer than expected based on your preferences.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (14)

Valve Error Notification

Has your softener or filter control valve malfunctioned? This notification will provide you with the correct information to help assess any valve issues in your water softener and/or water filter control valve.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (15)

Component Communication Lost Notification

DROP constantly communicates with its device endpoints. If your system is having trouble communicating with one of the devices, you will be notified and able to fix the problem.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (16)

Low/High Temperature

DROP Leak Detectors have the ability to notify you of temperature changes based on your preferred temperature ranges. If you lose heat in your home, your DROP Leak Detector will notify you.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (17)

Low Salt Notification*

Is your water softener running low on salt? With our patented DROP Salt Sensor, you will be notified if more salt is needed to continue providing softened water.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (18)

Slow Leak Test**

This unique test provides the status of your water system overnight by checking for small water leaks. By depressurizing your water pipes while you sleep, we can detect even the smallest leak in your system and help you identify where that is.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (19)

Filter Cartridge Notifications

Is your Whole House Cartridge Filter in need of a cartridge replacement? This notification will inform you to replace your cartridge to continue filtering and cleaning your home water.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (20)

Power Loss/Restored Notifications

Ever lose power to your important electronic devices and not know about it? This notification will notify you of this event. Never fear, as DROP uses battery backups on nearly all of its devices to continue operating without power.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (21)

Low Battery Notifications

DROP Leak Detectors and other DROP components operate on batteries using very low power consumption capable of lasting for years. If these batteries run low in power, you will know when to replace them.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (22)

Leaky Toilet Notification

Our technology is able to detect whether your toilet is leaking or not by pinpointing how much water is used during and after a flush.

DROP Leak Detectors - DROP (23)

Water Usage Surpassed Setpoint

Want to know when you have used a certain amount of water? This notification will let you know when you have crossed water use thresholds based on your preferences.

* Specific notification for DROP Water Softeners only.
** Specific notification for the DROP Home Protection Valve only.


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Electrical Information

Leak Detectors require 2 AA Batteries. By using a very low amount of electricity to communicate to the DROP Hub, Leak Detector batteries are able to last for up to 5 years!


DROP Leak Detector Sales Sheet

DROP User Guide


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DROP Remote

Control the quality and flow of your water with the simple touch of a button.

Learn More

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  • Josh Lien

    DROP Leak Detectors are great. I like the battery life and built-in temperature sensor.

    I have not had a water leak since I installed the detectors. However, I tested and confirmed that they work great.

    November 28, 2023

    Verified Review

  • Lee St. John

    The leak detectors give you peace of mind when you are away from your house.

    November 1, 2022

    Verified Review

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